Entry-level educational robot kit
Easy to build with included assembly guide | 3 pre-set control modes make mBot smart | Block-based programming More fun with expansion packs | Gamified learningg

Easy to build with included assembly guide

Clear visual instructions and a user-friendly design make assembling mBot so easy that all you need to build mBot is a small screwdriver. Each electronic module is color-coded according to its matching connector on the mainboard, so that all you have to do to attach them is match like colors.

3 pre-set control modes make mBot smart

mBot has 3 pre-set control modes: Obstacle avoidance mode, Line follow mode, and Manual control mode. When used, these modes let children turn more complex ideas into reality with mBot

Block-based programming

Makeblock’s block-based programming software enables beginners to simply drag and drop command blocks to program their mBot without need for coding experience. Children can not only use the preset
controls for their robot, but write code for their robot and see it instantly respond to their instructions.

More fun with expansion packs

mBot comes equipped with 4 connection interfaces and 7 electronic modules and, together with add-on packs and their own code, let children turn their robot into a dancing cat, a smart lamp, and other creative projects.mBot is also compatible with LEGO® blocks for even extensibility.

Gamified learning

Use the mBlock app to program and control your mBot. Your robot answers your commands to accomplish game tasks,making learning and playing one and the same.

Wireless connectivity to meet learning and teaching needs

mBot supports two types of wireless connection: Bluetooth for families and individuals,and 2.4G wireless for educators. You can choose connectivity according to your needs and get started building without tangled wires.

mBot add-on pack

Six-legged Robot With this add-on pack you can build your own”Beetle”,”Mantis” and “Crazy Frog”. Let’s get your six-legged robot moving!

Interactive Light & Sound

Experience the magic of light and sound by constructing your own “Lighting Chasing Robot”,”Scorpion Robot” and “Intelligent
Desk Light” with mBot and the components in this pack.

Servo Pack

“Make your mBot move with the Servo Pack. Put together a “Dancing Cat”, “Head-Shaking Cat”, or “Light-Emitting Cat” with your mBot and the components in this pack.