mBot Ranger

mBot Ranger

3-in-1 educational robot kit
3 pre-set construction forms | 6 integrated sensors for expanded functionality | 10 expansion interfaces for greater extensibility Book-based programming | Gamified learning

Three forms, three times the fun

mBot Ranger includes around 100 mechanical parts and electronic modules. The Off-road Land Raider, Dashing Raptor and the Self – balancing Nervous Bird are the three pre-set forms that students can use to base their own designs on. Choose your foundation and you get a head start in your next robot match or muddy road race.

6 integrated sensors for expanded functionality

mBot Ranger is equipped with a powerful Me Auriga mainboard and comes with six types of sensors: Light sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Line follower,Gyroscope, Temp sensor, which make robots more versatile. The sensor enable the robot to perform advenced functionality including avoiding obstacles, following lines, keep its balance, and more.

Limitless extensions

Equipped with 10 extension interfaces for connecting 40+ types of electronic modules(12 included in the kit), and compatible with the Makeblock platform and LEGO® blocks, mBot Ranger will bring you limitless fun.

Block-based programming

mBot Ranger supports visual progremming, By simply dragging and dropping command blocks, children are able to create the code that their robot executes, and so learning to program is combined with play.

Add-on pack Laser Sword

Transform mBot Ranger into your own laser sword by
purchasing the Laser Sword add-on pack